Our Studio

We are a bilingual studio based in San Antonio TX and have the best facilities for you to fall in love with dance. 


Check out our special engineered sprung floors, classrooms, barres and much more!

Our Floors

Wooden Floor
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With almost 2,500 installations globally, L’AIR is universally specified as the finest suspended and acoustical flooring for the most demanding and prestigious installations.

L’AIR engineered sprung flooring is specifically designed and engineered for theatres, studio and touring.


Art & Dance Studio is concerned not only with our dancer's artistic performance but their health as well, with our L'AIR flooring our dancers are supported and cared for in every step, turn and jump they make.


Art & Dance Studio is proud to have chosen the very best technology engineered sprung floors to offer our students the highest quality, as some of the finest theatres, dance companies, studios, university dance departments, and aerobic centers in the world including: