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Our Second week "The Wizard Groove" of summer camp

Campers delved into the world of magic and wonder, engaging in thrilling games of Quidditch and embracing their inner wizards with joy and excitement.

Our Second week "The Wizard Groove" of summer camp

From mastering broomstick flying skills to casting whimsical spells, the campers experienced the thrill of Quidditch matches in our magical realm. The week was filled with creativity and imagination as they crafted their very own magical wands.

Our dedicated team of instructors inspired their imagination and encouraged them to embrace the magic all around. The video recap captures the wizardly wonders and enchanting moments of our second week.

Don't miss out on the magical journey! Secure your spot for the upcoming weeks of our summer camp and continue the adventure. Reserve your place now and be part of the magic! Book your spot and let the wizarding groove continue!

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