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We Love This Month

In Art & Dance Studio we share the love and the joy!

On February 13 and 14, our dancers brought their friends to the studio in matching outfits and showed us a choreography made by them!

We also had group choreography where the children each invented their own dance moves and we all performed them together! And because the love is not just during one day, we have a wall full of hearts that our students have been making for the studio throughout the month.

We live this month and we love celebrating like family...the big Art&Dance Studio Family!!!

Take a pick and see why we are the friendliest Studio in SATX!

BILINGUAL DANCE STUDIO run by professional #dancers Ballet & Other styles, Studio rental, special events & more 🩰 CLASSES FOR KIDS AND ADULTS!

DANCE your freedom. DANCE your dreams. DANCE your way.

🌟Wanna dance? Join us!

🕺💃We are the friendliest dance community at SATX. Classes for kids, teens, and adults.

Ballet, hip-hop, tap, jazz, and more.


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