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bilingual dance studio in san antonio texas

Special Needs Education

Kyrios Suit© is a suit for Postural Control in patients with postural and/or movement alterations of neurological or orthopedic origin.

Adapted Dance improves balance, develops selective motor control thanks to the slow wide ranged movements and so it helps train self control, concentration and self awareness while enjoying and having fun, sharing with others with similar needs to expand their socialización process.


In Art & Dance Studio, dance is paird with our personal trainer to ensure our inclusive filosphy and together with KYRIOS we help make life easy and functional. 

Kyrios Suit© helps support the sensory system, posture and movement, allowing our students to overcome their movement limitations.



Kyrios Sensory Dance


Children 4 to 6 YO and 7 to 12 YO.


Elegibility for this class will depend on the child's functional level; in order to be able to take this class the student should be able to move around for short distances even with a walking aid. call us so we can take a closer look at your child's needs.

  • Kyrios Sensory Dance

  • Duration: 1 hour

  • $100 Monthly. 

bilingual dance studio in san antonio texas