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Meet the Teacher: Capoeira Master, Jimmie "Estrela" Salazar!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our talented Capoeira instructor, Jimmie "Estrela" Salazar!

Meet the Teacher: Capoeira Master, Jimmie "Estrela" Salazar!

With his extensive experience and passion for Capoeira, Estrela brings a unique and dynamic teaching style that captivates young dancers in our "Dad & Me Capoeira" for Dancing Tots (3-5 YO) and "Capoeira Kids" for Groovers (6-9 YO) classes.

In this week's blog, we invite you to watch our exclusive video featuring Estrela as he answers some fun and quirky questions. Find out which dance style he would be if he were a dance or discover any hilarious capoeira accidents he may have encountered. Get ready for a delightful and entertaining conversation with our beloved teacher!

Estrela's enthusiasm and expertise in Capoeira create an engaging and enriching environment for our young dancers. Through his guidance, children develop flexibility, endurance, and coordination while embracing the rhythm and energy of this vibrant Afro-Brazilian martial art.

Don't miss the chance to learn from the best! Enroll your child in "Dad & Me Capoeira" or "Capoeira Kids" classes and watch them embark on an exciting journey of movement, culture, and fun.

Classes with Estrela are a true celebration of dance, play, and tradition. So, whether your child is just beginning their dance journey or already a seasoned dancer, they'll find joy and growth in Estrela's captivating classes.

Book your spot now and let your child experience the magic of Capoeira with our incredible instructor, Jimmie "Estrela" Salazar. Come join the fun and be part of our thriving dance community at Art&Dance Studio!

Ready to groove with Estrela? Enroll now and embark on an extraordinary capoeira adventure filled with laughter, culture, and fantastic moves! See you in class!

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