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The Journey Art Expo by Ivan Eduardo

Art exhibition in San Antonio, Texas.

Knowing his journey, you will know yours.

“Ivan´s paintings derive from a passionate and sincere heart. the textures and color are dynamic, and his story is in every brushstroke. His evocative works invite each of us to explore and find meaning personally. BRAVO Ivan!"
Vie Dunn-Harr

Vie Dunn-Harr

Artist Painter

Come join Ivan Eduardo on his Journey, represented in 10 canvases where we will go hand in hand with the artist walking through his life process starting at the inferno up, passing through his different stages including an important healing breaking point. Walk in his footsteps and find your JOURNEY.

Ivan Eduardo Art exhibition in San Antonio, Texas.

Be part of the last canvas in The Journey.

Paint in a shared work of art where all of the attendees leave their own perpetual mark in this interactive experience.

And you will have a chance to win one of the author’s artwork!

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