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Our First Winter Recital, a Great Success!

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

The winter recital was a great success and we are so proud of all the dancers who put in their hard work to make it a memorable event. All the kids looked like they were having so much fun on stage, and their parents were beaming with pride. We had an exciting lineup of performances from tap to ballet, with a little bit of jazz thrown in for good measure.

We had many parents and kids in attendance. It was lovely to see the students perform their dances for the audience. It was also wonderful to see the children get such positive feedback from their family and friends.

We hope that you got as much enjoyment from watching it as we did putting it on!

Thanks to our special guests: Iratxe Beorlegui, Claudia Alegria, and Guillermo Galindo.

Thanks for all the support from Ivan Eduardo Gutierrez, Cylas Hall, Stacey Wiley, Robert Wiley, Sophia Wiley, Yvette Kaplun, Iñaki Martinez, Tapatíos Taco Shop, and Mary Tipton.