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We are launching 🚀 our new Homeschooler program!

Did you know that pediatricians recommend at least 30 minutes of physical activity for your little one every day? That's equivalent to 2.5 hours of physical activity per week.

We are launching 🚀 our new Homeschooler program!

At Art & Dance Studio, we understand the importance of keeping your child active while also nurturing their creative spirit. Introducing Our Homeschooler Program: The Perfect Blend of Physical Activity and Artistic Exploration

Our PE/Dance program is designed to provide your homeschooler with the physical activity they need while keeping them engaged and excited about learning through movement. Plus, you'll be glad to know that these classes are conducted indoors, keeping your child out of the Texas heat.

But that's not all! While your little ones are enjoying their PE/Dance class, you have the opportunity to enhance your own wellness journey. Join our Pilates and/or Yoga classes at a special discount and make the most of your time.

🌱 Planting the Seed of Life in the Arts

Beyond the physical benefits, our Homeschooler program nurtures your child's artistic potential. Through dance, they'll explore creative expression, improve coordination, and gain confidence—all while meeting their PE requirements in an enjoyable way.

Experience the Magic - Watch Our Classes in Action

Curious to see how our Homeschooler program works? Watch the video below to get a glimpse of our classes and the benefits they offer. Whether your child is a budding dancer or simply looking for a fun and active way to learn, our Homeschooler program has something special to offer.

📲 Get Started Today!

Ready to give your homeschooler the gift of movement and creativity? Send us a message with the word "HOMESCHOOLER", and we'll provide you with more information about our upcoming class trials. Join us at Art & Dance Studio and embark on a journey of active learning and artistic exploration.

Unlock the potential of your child's physical and creative growth with our Homeschooler program. Enroll today and watch them thrive!

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