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Odyssey in Space


Arts & Crafts, Eco-Friendly Activity, Minute-to-Win-It Games.

⭐Friday Fun: Bounce house party.

Creation of Constellations: Children can create their own constellations, blending stars of different shapes and colors.

Imaginary Space Journey: Imaginary interplanetary adventures, where each child explores a unique corner of the universe.

Cosmic Art: Creation of artworks reflecting diversity, inspired by the beauty of outer space.

Odyssey in Space

July 29 to Aug 2

Odyssey in Space: Connecting Stars from Here and There.

Join Starty, Plany, and Travy on an odyssey that teaches the importance of coming together through diversity. Ready to explore the vast universe together and discover that we are all part of the same galaxy?

What's going on?

In the K323 universe, scattered stars, planets, and space travelers are divided by invisible barriers. The bright star Starty, the curious planet Plany, and the intrepid traveler Travy embark on an odyssey to unite all cosmic beings. Throughout their journey, they encounter challenges representing the geographical and cultural barriers that exist in the universe.

With determination and wisdom, Starty, Plany, and Travy overcome these barriers, connecting stars of different colors, planets of various shapes, and travelers from diverse cultures. They discover that the true magic of the cosmos lies in diversity and that inclusion is the force that binds everyone, no matter how far apart they may be.

WOW Fact!

Starty, Plany, Travy, and their friends teach that diversity is the essence of the universe and that inclusion is the force that unites us. We are all part of the same galaxy, a unique and diverse cosmic family!

What We Offer

✅Fun without Limits:

Experience a summer full of laughter and adventure as we explore a world of creativity and expression.

✅Varied Activities:

From exciting games to captivating dances, each day is filled with activities designed to captivate the imagination of the little ones.

✅Educational Teaching
Beyond the fun, each week features a unique theme, an enchanting story and an educational lesson that will stimulate your child's growth and development.

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