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Tiktok's Brightest Star Contest


Arts & Crafts, Eco-Friendly Activity, Minute-to-Win-It Games.

⭐Friday Fun: Bounce house party.

Trending Dances: Kids can showcase their funniest moves using TikTok filters or funny masks.

Musical Journey: We'll navigate through various music and dance trends, understanding the basic emotions of each.

Craft Show: We'll create our costumes, microphones, and stage for the grand finale of Tiktok's Brightest Star Contest, where everyone is a winner.

Tiktok's Brightest Star Contest

July 22 to 26

Tiktok's Brightest Star Contest: Discover Your Inner Glow

Welcome to "Tiktok's Brightest Star Contest," the competition that celebrates unique talents and the brilliance of each participant.

What's going on?

In this summer filled with light, discover your inner treasure as you engage in creative and expressive challenges. But what happens when competitors realize that everyone can be a winner in one way or another? Get ready for a story of radiance, friendship, and transformation in "Tiktok's Brightest Star Contest"!

In "Tiktok's Brightest Star Contest," participants are excited to showcase their unique talents on the brightest platform of all. From dazzling dances to magical tricks and unexpected talents, each participant brings their own light to the competition. However, as they progress in the competition, some begin to feel the pressure of rivalry and the notion that there can only be one winner.

In an unexpected twist, a group of participants comes together and decides to change the rules of the game. They understand that a contest with only one winner does not reflect the diversity and brilliance of all participants. Together, they propose transforming the contest into a celebration where each talent shines, and everyone has fun. Can they change the contest rules and create an event where everyone is a winner?

WOW Fact!

Stella, Max, and Oli teach that true victory lies in celebrating diversity, friendship, and the inner glow of each person. Everyone can be a winner when they share their light!

What We Offer

✅Fun without Limits:

Experience a summer full of laughter and adventure as we explore a world of creativity and expression.

✅Varied Activities:

From exciting games to captivating dances, each day is filled with activities designed to captivate the imagination of the little ones.

✅Educational Teaching
Beyond the fun, each week features a unique theme, an enchanting story and an educational lesson that will stimulate your child's growth and development.

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