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Acro Inter First Class official

On March 1st, the Acro Inter First Class held an event to recognize the hard work and dedication of their students. The event celebrated the achievements of five students, Cora Birdsong, Alejandro Esquivel, Miranda Esquivel, Eva Shenk, and Miranda Sulbarran, who have successfully mastered all the skills and goals required to qualify for the Intermediate level.

The event was attended by the parents of the students, who were invited to join the class and witness their children being awarded their Beginner level certificates. It was a moment of great pride for the parents and the teachers, who have worked tirelessly to help the students achieve their goals.

During the event, the students demonstrated their skills and abilities, showcasing everything they had learned during their time in the Acro Inter First Class. The parents took the opportunity to snap some fantastic photos of their children in action, capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

Overall, the March 1st event was a great success, and a testament to the dedication and hard work of the students, teachers, and parents involved. Congratulations to Cora Birdsong, Alejandro Esquivel, Miranda Esquivel, Eva Shenk, and Miranda Sulbarran on their achievements, and best of luck as they continue their journey in the Intermediate level of Acro Inter!

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