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Unlock the Rhythm of Capoeira: Explore the World of Dance and Martial Arts

At Art & Dance Studio, we invite you to step into the enchanting world of Capoeira, a captivating blend of dance and martial arts with roots in Africa. Our capoeira classes offer a unique opportunity for both, kids and families to immerse themselves in this dynamic and expressive art form.

Unlock the Rhythm of Capoeira: Explore the World of Dance and Martial Arts

Dad & Me Capoeira: Family Warriors

Age: 3-5 years old

In our Dad & Me Capoeira class, families come together to embrace the rhythm and strengthen bonds through playful capoeira movements. This African martial art emphasizes discipline while teaching flexibility, endurance, and stamina to flow harmoniously with the rhythm of the music. Kids aged 3-5 can embark on this exhilarating journey alongside their parents, discovering the joy of movement and connection.

Capoeira Kids: Embrace the Dance of Martial Arts

Age: 6-9 years old

Our Capoeira Kids class is designed for kids aged 6-9 to embrace the dance of martial arts and develop valuable social skills through play. As they learn the art of capoeira, children will focus on discipline while honing flexibility, endurance, and stamina. Flowing to the rhythm of music, they'll explore creative expressions and engage in playful interactions with their peers.

Capoeira is more than just physical movements; it's a celebration of culture, rhythm, and self-expression. Through capoeira, students at Art & Dance Studio learn to "fight like a dancer, dance like a fighter" embracing discipline while finding joy in movement. Our experienced instructors guide students on a transformative journey, encouraging them to explore their potential, build physical skills, and develop a deeper connection with the art.

Join us at Art & Dance Studio and unlock the rhythm of Capoeira. Whether you're seeking a unique bonding experience with your child in Dad & Me Capoeira or want to introduce your young one to the captivating world of Capoeira Kids, our classes offer a pathway to self-discovery and artistic expression.

Ready to experience the magic of capoeira? Enroll your child in Dad & Me Capoeira or Capoeira Kids and embark on a journey of movement, discipline, and rhythm. Join our community and explore the rich world of dance and martial arts at Art & Dance Studio.

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