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Jungle Jam


⭐Arts & Crafts, Eco-Friendly Activity, Minute-to-Win-It Games.

⭐Friday Fun: Bounce house party.

⭐The Parade of Enchanting Creatures: Children will create their own masks and costumes inspired by magical jungle creatures to participate in a dazzling parade.

⭐Chocolate River Race: In a special area of the jungle, little explorers will take part in an exciting boat race on chocolate rivers, where fun is guaranteed!

⭐Treasure Hunt for Shining Butterflies: Equipped with magical butterfly nets, children will search for and catch shining butterflies that hold secret messages about the importance of friendship.

Jungle Jam

June 3 to 7

Jungle Jam: Groovy Creatures and Magical Whispers

Join Leo the Lion and Tania the Zebra on an adventure where, besides discovering incredible and fun places, they will uncover the power of friendship despite their differences.

What's going on?

The jungle, normally full of sounds and vibrant colors, is affected by a mysterious spell that has created hallucinatory creatures and magical landscapes. Leo and Tania, as curious as ever, decide to venture into the unknown to unravel the secret behind this astonishing transformation.

In their journey, they will encounter extraordinary animals, such as monkeys that tell jokes, flowers that dance to the rhythm of music, and rivers flowing with chocolate. Each encounter will teach them something new about friendship, acceptance, and the importance of enjoying life to the fullest.


As Leo and Tania face challenges and celebrate the differences between themselves and the creatures of the jungle, children will learn the valuable lesson that true magic lies in friendship, acceptance, and collaboration.

Join us in the Fabulous Jungle and discover a world full of wonders where magic is found in every corner, and friendship blossoms like the most precious plant!

What We Offer

✅Fun without Limits:

Experience a summer full of laughter and adventure as we explore a world of creativity and expression.

✅Varied Activities:

From exciting games to captivating dances, each day is filled with activities designed to captivate the imagination of the little ones.

✅Educational Teaching
Beyond the fun, each week features a unique theme, an enchanting story and an educational lesson that will stimulate your child's growth and development.

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