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How to prepare for your summer intensive

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

1. Find the right program for you.

Know your needs: choose a dance camp that will help you grow and get better at what you need, but if you are not sure what you need then choose a camp that will expose you to many dance styles, so you can figure out what moves you!

2. Don't be afraid of the new experiences.

New classmates, new teachers, new dance styles... it might be a challenge but it will all build up to enrich your summer experience and give you life-changing perspectives if you are open to it.

3. Use you current classes to give you a head start.

We know the end of the school year can be overwhelming but the summer will be intense, so use your current classes to prepare for the summer challenge, be at the top of your game and practice learning combinations quickly so you get the most out of it.

4. Be kind to your body.

Its the dancer's most important tool, so stay hydrated, eat well, sleep plenty and we can't stress this enough... stretch! summer intensives are great because you dance all day but you muscles will strain if you don't stretch enough; a small 5 to 10 minute routine every night before bed will do the trick, just be consistent.

5. New connections.

The summer programs are a perfect environment to meet choreographers or professional dancers that you want to stay in touch with and some schools have companies that you could potentially become part of, you never know where the next job opportunity or scholarship offer will come from.

6. Work/fun deal.

The summer will be intense but there is also lots of fun in it, be sure to enjoy every class even if you feel tired, the experience will be over before you know it so savor it and absorb as much as you can.

7. Outfits and tools.

Make sure you know what the program you are taking requires you to wear and if you need to bring any extra things into the studio like TheraBand's, a yoga mat, bobby pins for a perfect bun, a snack or lunch, plenty of water, Band-Aids to patch up your feet, etc.. take a look at the schedule and imagine what the first day will look like, what you'll be wearing, will you get hungry at a certain time during the day? and any other detail that might catch you with your guard down, remember preparation is key

8. Share, share, share.

Having a good friend attend the summer intensive with you will definitely take the edge off just remember to support each other not distract each other/ comparte, comparte, comparte. Tener a un buen amigo en el verano contigo definitivamente ayudará con los nervios, solo recuerden apoyarse mutuamente y no distraerse.

Are you ready? See you at the studio! Enroll today to your summer intensive!

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